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Crowdsourcing Cures is a community that is working to harness the oceans of naturally generated human data to identify the positive and negative effects of every food, drug, behavior, and environmental factor on the onset and severity of diseases. This is being done through the creation of an anonymous global database of health data combined with an open-source analytical framework.

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Fully realizing the potential of the personalized preventative medicine of the future will require coordination between:

  • Patients - Patients must be incentivized to easily and anonymously collect and share their treatment and outcome data.
  • Business - Businesses must be incentivized to allow individuals to easily donate their data to research.
  • Non-Profit Organizations - Disease advocacy non-profits must be incentivized to promote observational studies through the anonymous donation data by their members.
  • Government - Legislation must be introduced to:
    • require businesses to allow individuals to access and share their data
    • allocate resources in proportion to their promotion of the general welfare
    • require that all publicly funded software projects be free, secure, and open-source
    • require international cooperation for all public health efforts to reduce wasted duplication of effort and take advantage of natural experiments resulting from differing public health regulations between nations.

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The Crowdsourcing Cures Wiki is an open content platform whose quality and accuracy directly depend on the participation of our users. Contributions of any kind are always appreciated and we encourage you to get involved (ask the team for help getting started)!

Our primary methods of collaboration include:

  • creating new articles in accordance with the community guidelines
  • improving upon existing articles by adding content, removing errors, checking grammar and spelling, and finding missing citations from reliable sources (please refer to our style guide)
  • engaging in constructive discussion with community members and staff by contacting us through our Telegram support channel, user profiles, or by emailing us directly
  • helping our project grow through donations